Monday, September 10, 2012

Response to Jeff Wallace and Randall Tarrant

Well, Jeff, I know we only met that one time when you visited and I ran into you that one time in Wal-Mart.  If you add both times up, we maybe talked a total of 20 minutes.  So I can't really say I know you.  I can't really judge from our meetings, personally, what I feel about you.  But the way you responded to Noelle just reassures me that that church endorses members that seem like they don't have love or caring towards other human beings.  To me, the way you come across is very angry and you just seem like a very unhappy, mean person.  And the only thing I can say for you is I'll pray for you as best I can, which I have been doing for over a year since I knew you were coming to the church.

You wasn't there and I'm sorry that you feel I'm making up things, but I'm just telling my feelings and my experience from my time at the church.  Much of the rest of this will have to do with something you'd know of from hear-say only.

But I do want to respond to a man I feel I got to know, Randall Tarrant.  I feel I moved my family to join a church I felt was going to be a brotherhood.  A church I thought was gonna have more loving and caring towards people.  That we'd all be studying and striving to walk the narrow way.  If we were all studying I thought we'd all have a bit more love and understanding toward people that didn't understand the narrow way.  But in the short time I was there, most of the experience with the members I had was talking down to the rest of the world and building ourselves up.  I realized one day that I was doing the same thing, and that was not what I was looking for.

In my last couple weeks there I was accused of trying to cause division in the church.  That was far from my thoughts at the time.  I was really trying just to understand certain things that was happening in the church.

For instance, I was called by Angela and told that the Wednesday night services was gonna be held at the Mennonite tent meeting.  That Brother Mark and Brother Jesse decided that would be best.  So I started thinking, I already know that those Locust Creek Mennonite group felt that I and 2 other families, that are members of the church, that we're going to hell unless we leave our wives because we're "living in sin."  And Randall, you know, you was very upset about it, you talked to me about it was confusing to you because those same groups of people told you and your wife the same thing.  And Jeremy and his wife Pauline was told the same stuff.  So it was a little confusing to me that the church that we all moved, Randall as he says a 1000 miles, it was a 1000 miles for my wife and I too, and Jeremy was I don't know how far for him to move, we was gonna be meeting with the Mennonites.

So I called Mark and asked if I could speak to him, he said yes, but couldn't do it then, maybe could get together the next day.  So I drove over to the next authority that there was which was Jesse Herr, the second minister of the church, since I was told he also gave his blessing.  And I asked him why he gave his blessing, he explained that Mark would like to have the meeting at the Mennonite church because Mark's children only hears Mark's teachings and he would like his children to hear other godly men speaking.  But when Jesse saw how upsetting it seemed like it would be to half the members in the church that have the divorce & remarriage issue, he said that after considering what I was saying he was gonna take his blessing back and he was not gonna go to the meeting hisself.

Now, I did not go to Jesse to complain to him about Mark, as I was accused by Mark of doing.  It's just that I wasn't gonna get to talk to Mark before that night's meeting was gonna be held, it was gonna be the next day.  So, what is wrong with me asking the second man in charge of the church his reasons? 

So my doing this was one of the reasons I was accused by Mark of causing division in the church.  Definitely was not my intent.  The next day Mark and I met and he told me the reason he felt we should meet with the Mennonites at the revival tent meeting is that we need to go as a church and show the Mennonite how ungodly they're being and how wrong they are on their teachings on divorce and remarriage issues.  So as a man that's trying to walk the narrow way, that is striving to obey God, I started thinking, which one is it, because it can't be both?

So I realized Mark was telling the families that doesn't have divorce & remarriage issues in their lives they were going to have their children hear godly teaching, but to the divorced & remarries families he was saying it was to show Mennonites they're in the wrong of their teachings.  So a man that is in his authority that plays both sides is absolutely wrong.  And  the members know that they heard both sides and if they choose to accept it that's up to them, but, for myself, that's when I felt I lost my respect for Mark.

The other thing I was accused of trying to cause division on is when I was talking to two other members and they was also upset and complaining about the Mennonites.  Randall was complaining about why are we meeting once a month at the singing at the community center in Purdin and the Mennonite come.  Randall Tarrant felt that it was very disturbing to him because he know that they feel that he and his wife, me and my wife, and others are going to hell because of our previous marriages.  He was angry and said he would not be going back to the singings as long as they are going.  The only comment I really had to that was, it doesn't bother me that they come to the singings because they're coming to our gathering.  But I told him that being asked to go to their gathering where they have signs "where will you be in a million years" and they know our church would be bringing people with divorce and remarriage issues and they are going to be sure to have sermons about it, I didn't think it would be smart of me to bring my children.

Now being accused of causing division for asking questions on why there was two answers for why we're going to the Mennonite meeting.  When, Randall, you know several times on the front porch you sat and complained to me about the same things.  Jeremy also had a few issues with it.  And I told you that the whole issue made me lose respect for Mark, you know you were just as guilty, if I was causing division, so were you and other men.  You know the times you called me on the phone and told me how upsetting it all was to you.  And you was there in the church services, after the church, he used the pulpit to basically attack me for questioning his decision.  And he made the comment, that you, Randall said, "I trust your judgement."  But was you trusting his judgement when you come and complained to me about the situation, plus the girls and boys not playing with each other anymore?

What about when you REALLY had a problem when the decision was made that boys and girls of school age are not to play games with each other.  The swing sets, outdoor games, or anything together.  You know it was very upsetting that if your boy was swinging and the girls wanted it he had to leave or if he wanted it your girl would have to leave.  I was willing to submit and say that's fine.  I asked Mark what was the reason for it, his answer was that they were trying to teach the girls shame facedness.  If they get familiar with the boys then they don't learn shame facedness.  So my thought on the matter was, so the rule is made that the boys and girls cannot play outside together at all, school aged.  But it was ok for them to sit together in Sunday school, sit inside at the tables and play board games with each other.  It was just very confusing after just dealing with the two reasons for the Mennonite situation, now there's another thing that didn't make sense to me. 

And in the four months that I was there, I heard that it's the most biblical, most godly church that they know of.  We all, including myself, tooted our own whistles.  How godly and how we understood the Bible better than anyone else.  And I finally realized  that I was just going back to the ways I grew up in a cult church, The Worldwide Church of God, that we was royalty, the chosen ones.  And I realized that isn't where I wanna be.  I wanna be in a place that I obey God, my savior, love other people, don't judge them for their sins, let Jesus judge them.  I don't feel there's anything wrong with saying accept Jesus as your savior, telling them to change, but when we went out my first and only time to give tracts out in the neighborhood.  We went door to door handing out tracts asking people, "Are they ready for when Jesus returns?"  I was very excited to do that.  And when people come to the door obviously dressed like they might have just come from church and they embraced me with open arms and said that they're ready, they accept their savior 100%.  I am not gonna judge that man and that lady because they wasn't wearing a head covering, or suspenders, or the man might not have been wearing a beard.  That is between them and their savior.

But as we continued, Mark Bullen's son, that I was with, knocked on a door.  An older woman probably in her 80's invited us in and we talked to her and asked her if she was ready for our savior's return.  And she told me and Nathan that she was ready, she can't wait, he can come right now.  She actually missed church services that day because she was a little under the weather, but I can see she had her Bible next to her chair, open like she was studying it, I could hear her radio on in the back ground, and I could tell the songs was some Christian radio station.  After talking a while, she told me and Nathan, that she had 2 children, 1 is a saved Christian and she has 1 that is lost.  And she asked us if she would pray for her and her lost daughter, that God would open her daughter's eyes.  So Nathan said he would pray and he prayed.  And we said we had to go, and she said we're welcome to come back any time.  As we was leaving down the road Nathan made a comment to me that that lady was going to hell.  It was so disturbing to me that he judged her, because I personally don't know where her relationship with our savior is, seemed like she had a lot of faith in our savior.  Just because she didn't have a head covering and she had music on, but for whatever reason he said that.  The lady where she is with her walk, to get to the narrow path, only Jesus knows.  I accepted the lady telling me she was a Christian.  Maybe she's a babe in Christ, but I can think of one man that was a babe in Christ, where our savior said, "I'll see you in Paradise."

So we returned to the van.  Mark asked me if I'd sit up front, and I did.  The van holds 15 and it was full of members.  I wasn't in the van 5 minutes and I listened and I heard the members going on about all these ungodly people.  And I just said, "Hey, we gotta watch judgin' these people, because we don't know where they are in their walk with God."  And Mark did agree, but it didn't stop.

I guess what I did is start judging Mark's church as I feel they judge everyone that isn't a member.  If we are the most godly church, that we know of, then we should be very godly and do everything perfect, as they seem to expect of everyone else.  So, steppin' back and lookin' at  Mark's children bullying the other teenagers and some adults, bragging on their abilities of wrastling, full contact and arm wrastling, how great they are on buying cars and turnin' it around and makin' a lot of profit.  Which I'm not sayin' it's wrong to buy and resell vehicles and stuff for a profit, but the way they go on and brag about it, it just seemed very ungodly to me.  It just seemed the arrogance in the young men was getting out of hand.

Now realize these teenagers were baptized members in the church.  So one evenin' I was sittin' on the sofa and Nathan sat next to me.  And we started talkin' about different things and he started tellin' me how he is such a great wrastler and how none of them can beat him and he can just go crazy.  And I listened for a little bit, but after hearing it so many times over the months I was there, I asked him, did you not listen Wednesday night when the discussion was about the young men and their arrogance?  I guess he did not hear me because that night later at the singing he came over to me and started talking about his basketball abilities and then he told me how he could whip all the boys, even his big brother.  He told me how he arm wrastled one of the older men in the church and beat him.  I listened.

All the things going through my head of the Mennonite situation, girls and boys playin' with each other, all the different things just kind of not addin' up to me, kind of all going through me.  I guess it all was getting to me.

So then he started telling me about how he beat another young man in wrastlin', which was about the 4th time he told me that, in different times.  Then that person came up and said, "Hey, what you all talkin' about?"  And then I said, "He's just sittin' here telling me about how he beat you in wrastlin'."  And Nathan looked at me and said, "You are a liar, I never said that."  And I said, "No, actually, you are a liar, you did say it."  And he said, "No, I didn't, you are a liar."  And I said, "You are a snot nosed punk kid, you're a bully, and if you actually tangled with somebody like me that's a hundred pounds bigger than you are, we actually went out back and wrastled, you would think you'd have a chance.  But you would be bloodied up."  I know for sure I said at least that, but it would be hard to put what I said down word for word beyond that, but basically I told him he's a punk who thinks too much of himself.

The way I handled that situation was not a loving, caring, graceful way, it was not right.  It was not the person I was striving to become.  It was the person that I was, that I didn't like, that I wanted to be rid of.  And that's why I was changing to try to get closer to God, that's why I went looking for a more godly lifestyle.  I did repent and ask God to forgive me.

Randall Tarrant and Jeremy both came over to me agreeing and saying the exact same thing.  Then Randall brought up the Mennonites being at the singing and stuff like that.  That's when I said, "That's why I lost respect for Mark."  During that time Nathan repeatedly came up asking if we were talking about him and finally I patted him on the shoulder and said not to worry about it.

The next Wednesday night Malachi, came up to me and asked me if everything was ok and if I needed to talk to Nathan.  And I said, no I'm ok.  Then Malachi said that Nathan said I had pushed him and I know I did not push him.  I suggested we have someone else talk with us that was neutral, Malachi said that wasn't necessary, but my wife said that if Nathan was saying stuff like that, something would have to be done.

The next thing I know on Saturday I was being called by Mark and being told we were going to have a member's meeting to "make sure everyone was in communion."  Every man, including Mark's teenage sons, was already assembled when I showed up 10 minutes before it was supposed to start.  And at any other meeting in the past if I showed up 10 minutes early, generally I was the first one there.  So maybe I'm assuming things, it seemed like they had a meeting about it all before I got there.  Because there was members there that had nothing to do about these things that surely knew all about it and attacked me more, I feel, than those that was actually involved.

So I sat down with basically all the men sitting in a circle around me.  And Mark asked me to tell my side of the story, and I said I didn't know what he meant, asked him what we were here for.  And that's when it basically just confirmed to me, and I listened to what was being said.  I am wanting God in my life, I want to obey my savior Jesus.  I'm a man that is not wanting to live in a sinful life anymore, like I've been the majority of my life.  I'm sitting there being accused of trying to cause divisions, of being accused of being a liar, and making false accusations.  Knowing there were two men in the room, Jeremy and Randall, that knew actually what was said, and that I was not trying to cause division.  If I was guilty of causing division, then they are just as guilty as I am.  But since I was the one that actually didn't mind going to Mark and asking him to help me understand why he was making these decisions, unfortunately I know now, they're yes men.  To me they say one thing, to Mark they say another.  They know what they said.  They should have, in that meeting, stepped up, and said, "Well Jason, really wasn't trying to cause division."  Or, "If Jason was trying to cause division, I was too, maybe even more." 

Before I made the final decision to leave, that night I asked to have a couple days to fast and pray about if I was going to stay or leave the church.  And Mark told me I could not have it, I had to make up my mind then.  He told me my pride is gonna send me to hell, and I put my hand to his shoulder, as I did his son, "Your pride is gonna send you and me to hell if me being excommunicated out of this church is gonna send me to hell."  Then I stopped and I asked if anyone was gonna talk to my wife.  Paul said, yes, they'd send one of the ladies.  And Mark right away said no, if she wants to be part of this church, she needs to come to us.  So Mark's telling me that I'm gonna excommunicate myself because I'm not submitting to him and I am going to go to hell, so I'm thinking, I've just gone through 3 hours or more of Mark and his sons lying about and attacking me.  I apologized to them for letting my anger say things, even though I feel he was a bully, how I handled it was wrong and I had repented to God already for it. 

I felt at that time Mark was handling it in a very ungodly way.  That he should have allowed Jesse, as the other minister, to handle it.  But instead Jesse sat in his seat, with his head down and his hand over his face, looking down.  I didn't understand why Jesse did not speak up because he knew the truth, where my heart and my mind was with the Mennonite thing, I really opened up to him, and he knows that I was.

Me and Jesse did talk the next day and Jesse did show love and concern and really wanted me to stay.  And hopefully we could work things out.  So I did look for counsel in other ministers in the area to see if I am thinkin' straight.  And I did talk to Mennonite ministers and another denominational minister, to make sure I wasn't just letting my pride get involved.  I was told by the Mennonite minister where Mark used to attend that he thought any responsible bishop or minister that had been involved in a similar situation would have recused himself, since it would be hard to be impartial because it involved himself and his child.  Later in the conversation the minister told me about how Mark had been set to join and even willing to live with the doctrine on divorce and remarriage.  But when Mark was told that he wouldn't be a minister right off the bat, he'd have to wait and draw lots like everyone else, within a week Mark was gone and distributing literature to their members.  So they did have a burning of Mark's literature.  Looking at it, I agree, he should have recused himself.

So I did after thinking about it, praying about it, and talking to other ministers, I did ask Jesse if the next Wednesday night I could come apologize to the church.  So I stood in front of the church apologize to Nathan, to the members of the church because if they felt I was causing division it must have been, even though that was not my intent, and I was very sincere.  After I apologized Jesse did say there were a couple other men that owe Jason an apology.  I thought for sure Jeremy and Randall would stand up and say they were sorry for letting me be accused when they was doing the same thing.  But they didn't. 

So I sat and listened and that night the blue book was teaching on non-resistance.  The blue book was describing the supposedly non-resistant teachings.  Mark made a statement, "Sometimes you have to kill them before they kill you."  Then I realized that is what Mark was doing in that members meeting to me.  He was going as hard as he could to get me to want to leave so he wouldn't have anyone who was gonna question anything anymore.  So that was my final straw.

The men of the church did tell me they did not like the way the mens meeting was handled.  They felt it was wrong.  I told them to tell Mark, not me, but no one is gonna tell Mark.

Randall, if you really care about my salvation, and my family's, you would have stepped up and said the things you said to me, to Mark, instead of just telling Mark you trust his judgement.  You not one time during the mens meeting said anything.  But I will say Greg Molner said in the meeting that he didn't sense I was trying to cause division.  Me and Greg had a lot of problems (that's another story), but in the meeting he did what was right. 

You two posting just reminded me of all the reasons I'm not there.  Jeff attacking and Randall being a yes man.  Plus, the only condition I had for returning, was to have Mark explain to me which reason it really was for going to the Mennonite meeting, and that hasn't happened yet, and I don't think it will.  That's what I told Jesse, and he agreed.

I assure anyone reading this, that I, Jason Ragas, accept Jesus as my savior, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as my God.  And I pray that the Holy Spirit will fill me to understand what God wants me to do in my life, I will submit to God in any way he tells me to.  I was told by Greg Molner as I left, he gave me a letter, and said that either I wasn't a Christian or I'm a babe in Christ.  And the only response I have to that long 6 page letter, Greg, is I am a Christian, and if I am a babe in Christ, I'd much rather be a babe than a pharisee.

Sincerely I do pray for the members of the church, I do not have hard feelings towards them, Noelle and I just wanted other people to see another side of the story of what they teach.  If I didn't agree with most of the website, Mark's teachings, I'd have never gone to the church to begin with.  I feel you should just live it in your own life and by example, maybe people will come?  But to be there and hear over and over how we was so godly and everybody was so lost, statements like "All Brookfield is going to hell" just made me realize how many people live in Brookfield.  I personally don't know everybody's relationship with God and I'm not gonna judge them because they're not wearing a beard or suspenders.  A sinner that is striving to stay on the narrow path and only through my savior's grace and love for me do I even have a chance.



  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Jennifer, please feel free to repost your comment exactly as it was before, except for the link to Mark's website. You are welcome to post any comments and opinions you wish, they just cannot include affiliate links or profanity.

  2. Shame, shame. Let's leave minor's (children's) names off the blog. Have some respect. You both are spending alot of time creating a hate blog to defame and slander wholesome families and a church that is striving to obey whatsoever He hath commanded us.
    I was going to leave a link to LFCF sermon for today.

    Jennifer (member/Randall's wife)

    1. So now Jennifer, wife of Randall who is a favorite of Mark's is getting into it. The kicked dog yelps the loudest. All of the families that have left the Bullenites are testimony of the problems there. This is not a hate blog. It's a charitable warning about a dysfunctional community that calls itself Christian but does not heed all of God's commandments. We'll pray that your eyes are opened before you and your family are also damaged emotionally and spiritually.

    2. Hi Jennifer,
      I'm noticing the theme of comments from members of Mark's church is "shame." This is a tactic that is used by abusers to keep the abused quiet. It turns the person that points out a problem into THE problem. It justifies the wrong by saying the whistleblower has no right to point out what is really going on.

      As a mother, I was thankful not to have a son the age of Nathan so that he would not be picked on the way the other young men were. In my secular high school as a teen I did not see kids bullied they were at LFCF. What is the point of homeschooling to avoid such negative influences if they will be exposed to it at church anyway?

      There is no shame in pointing out a bully. The only shame that should be felt is by the parents that stand by and let it happen.

      If another young man finally got sick of it and beat him up, he would be condemned as ungodly and forced to apologize. Why not recognize bullying as an unchristian behavior and require change the same as any other sin? That would show a genuine effort at trying to obey ALL things.

      Not much of my time is spent on the blog. I'm notified of new posts by email, so I really don't even have to look at it anymore. However I do think the time I have put into it is worth it so there can be another point of view presented as to why families leave LFCF. And it's only slander if things are not true. If any defamation has occurred, it is the result of a person's own actions.

      I'm glad you're very happy at the church still. :) Hope all is well with you and the kids. Keep warm, whew, it's chilly today.

      Grace to you,

    3. Sorry Jennifer that you feel it is slander when some one tells their side of the story.

      About the minor children, well, the only names I mentioned were Nathan and Malachi. Both were baptized members in the church and I believe they are both at least 18. When we were there, Mark didn't let his kids drive until they were 18, and I've seen Nathan driving a 4 wheeler on the road miles away from his house. When I was there he owned a nice Ford 4x4 crew cab truck he said he bought with his own money. He is also finished with school and was working full time between what he did with his dad and brothers. Malachi has built his own house.

      These are not children. These are young men that are old enough to be held accountable for their actions. Old enough that they should know how to treat people.

      I wasn't trying to single them out, it's just that they happened to be a part of the events that lead to my decision to leave.

      I'm sorry, but I don't feel shame for telling my personal experiences.

  3. Bullying is unChristian behavior regardless of who does it. It's pride, arrogance and violence in verbal as well as physical form. If Mark Bullen does not address this behavior in Nathan and the others who do it, then he is complicit in abusive behavior. God does not teach us abuse. He teaches us humility and I guarantee that's quite lacking in the Bullenite community.

  4. Noelle wrote: "I'm noticing the theme of comments from members of Mark's church is "shame." This is a tactic that is used by abusers to keep the abused quiet. It turns the person that points out a problem into THE problem. It justifies the wrong by saying the whistleblower has no right to point out what is really going on."

    This is so true. It's part of their mind-control tactics and all cults use them. Jennifer, you and your husband are being led away from Christ's teachings which aren't about control, they're about bringing the message of the mercy of God to sinners. Get out while you can. But since you and your husband seem to among Mark Bullen's "favorites" then you may be too far gone to see it. I pray not. Another way all cult leaders use to control the group is favoritism so that the members are always competing with each other for the cult leader's attention.

    If all answers come from the very fallible and human leader, it's a cult. All deacons and Bishops should be elected by the group: see Acts 1:26.
    Remember, don't drink the Kool-Aid.

  5. Ps 71:24 My tongue also shall talk of thy righteousness all the day long: for they are confounded, for they are brought unto shame, that seek my hurt.
    Pr 3:35 The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools.
    Ps 83:16 Fill their faces with shame; that they may seek thy name, O LORD
    Ps 44:7 But thou hast saved us from our enemies, and hast put them to shame that hated us.
    Ps 40:15 Let them be desolate for a reward of their shame that say unto me, Aha, aha.
    Job 8:22 They that hate thee shall be clothed with shame; and the dwelling place of the wicked shall come to nought

    Ps 84:10 For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness

    1. Thank you Jennifer for reminding me how shameful it was that Randall complained to me about sparating girls and boys and about the Mennonite meeting and them coming to the singings and how he can't stand Paul, but at church still gives him the holy kiss. Can't you all see that there's not a lot of love there?

      What's more shameful, to talk behind people's backs and act like you care about them to their faces, or to put how you really feel out in the open? I'm thinking you might not see it because you're not like that. My wife and I never heard you talk bad about anybody, ever.

  6. Matthew 4:1-9 even satan quoted Scripture to tempt Jesus. Quoting Scripture means nothing. Living it fully is the task we're called to do.

    Judgmental attitudes are condemned by Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God: Matthew 7: 1-6
    1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24
    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
    4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?
    5 Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
    6 Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.

    Being the wife of one of Mark Bullen's favorites further discredits your ability to discuss the cult status of the Bullenites. You and your husband are not always aware of the abuse that's heaped on those who aren't Mark's favorites.

    1. I addressed this Matthew 4:1-9 post to Jennifer, not to Noelle. Just wanted to be more clear about who this was addressed to.

  7. I agree. Jennifer's commentary doesn't carry a whole lot of weight being that's she's wife to a favorite of the cult leader. We left that group for the same reasons that Jason and Noelle did. If you're not a part of that inner "Mark circle", you might as well forget about any Godly encouragement and support. All that comes your way is verbal and abuse and put downs if you don't toe the line as THEY see it.

  8. Randall, Jennifer e Jeff estão cegos pelo seu culto. Vemos muito isso no Brasil. Nada de bom vem de seguir um homem, em vez de Deus. Que Deus tenha misericórdia e iluminá-los.

    1. Here is the translation from Portuguese:"Randall, Jennifer and Jeff are blinded by their worship. We see this a lot in Brazil. Nothing good comes from following a man instead of God. May God have mercy and enlighten them."

      Obrigado Anonymous para seu comentário. Sim, eu tinha muitos amigos do Brasil e eles dizem que há um monte de problemas com a falsa adoração lá. Espero que as coisas estão indo bem para você e você está tendo uma agradável Primavera, hahaha.

  9. If y'all just pray and leave each other alone, maybe people will be more apt to come to Christ.

    1. Anonymous,
      This site is not an outreach attempt to people that do not know Christ, so I do not think that it is visited often by unbelievers. My concern is for well-meaning and sincere Christians considering Living Faith Christian Fellowship to have a balanced view of the congregation before they uproot their families. Sadly, the decision to join Mark's church has resulted in some formerly very committed followers of Christ leaving the faith altogether, this could have been prevented, I believe, by former members honestly sharing their experiences.

      Please pray for the families there, the families that have left, and the families considering making the move. All have been, or are still, in tough spots. Compassion and understanding for the abuse your fellow believers have suffered could go a long way.

      Grace to you,

    2. WELL SAID, NOELLE!!!! People do need to be aware of the whole story of any community to prevent spiritual tragedies.

  10. I am not trying to "slam" Mr. Wallace here, but I think it would be important to note that Jeff was a "comfrontational evangelist" (in my humble opinion) at a church in Louisiana (or was it Mississippi), and frequented street corners and universities with a condeming and judgemental message. Also, in my humble opinion... NOT the way to to get a conversion of souls. Pesonally, this would cause me to "run" from this sort of Christianity, not turn towards it...

    1. This is a good point, Brian. I would certainly consider the style of Jeff Wallace's former fellowship, which from what I heard Jeff say he agreed with, to be confrontational. This would include, from what I saw, verbally attacking students on college campuses, holding up and wearing condemning signs, etc.

      We actually addressed this with Mark before we joined and verified that Mark did not intend to lead the church in that direction. It was highly alarming to us that Mark even allowed the Living Faith Christian Fellowship website to host a link to the other fellowship's website.

      I guess, in my humble opinion, maybe there was a reason Jesus came before people could wear signs around. He could talk to people individually or suit his message for the crowd he was speaking to. Then when he had something harsh to say, it could be specifically directed at the person it was intended.

      I certainly have not seen anyone from the fellowship being outright confrontational in public. However they have begun to stand on busy street corners holding up signs. I do not consider them to be offensive in any way, the signs are more affirming what most Christians would agree that the Bible says.


  11. This was one of the problems I saw as well. The church was always stating that the people of Brookfield "know better" and judging their heart. Something only God can do.

  12. Randall and Jennifer Tarrant has also left marks church about 2 months all caught up with them too.

  13. Yes, it is true that we have left the church and the state of Missouri. But, the truth is we were excommunicated for wanting to go be with family and seek better medical help for our youngest son who has eating disorders. We are accused of "forsaking the assembling" causing division and many other things that still do not make much sense nor do they line up with a biblical reason for excommunication. It can be twisted and turned to satisfy those who did the kicking out but in reality there is no excuse.

  14. My son was born in Dec. 2013 and immediately showed signs of problems. Getting this child fed was a task that only his mother could do and it was wearing her out and worrying her terribly. I as her husband as well as others began to believe the problem was with her. However with time, it became obvious the child was having problems. We began a long journey of visiting hospitals and trying to get some help. Jennifer during this time was not able to attend church because her duty to feed the baby was overwhelming and very time consuming. For this she received a nasty letter belittling her and attacking her. When the pain that letter generated was shared with its writer, the writer rewrote the letter but simply reworded it basically making the same points...the damage done. As time went on Jennifer and I discussed our options as far as what would be best for our baby and the rest of our family. About this time our 22 year old son became so disenchanted with the church and its tactics that he went into total rebellion and left the church, home, and disowned all of his family while living with some town girl. Our world was shaken bad by this. I reached a decision to move back to NC to be with my adult children, grand children, mom and sister just to name a few and more importantly to get better medical help for our baby. I went to Mark and explained to him that as a 50+ year old man that I was not asking for his permission to leave but was informing him of my plans and goals. It was not accepted very well and I was asked to not take communion any more to which I complied. I expressed my desire to stay in fellowship with the church and to continue to meet there. I also said I would enjoy listening to the sermons on line and having conversations on the phone from our new location. Well, by the next weekend I am not sure exactly what happened but some of the members after being asked to pray for us and talk to us about leaving, suddenly came up with just absolute lies and far fetched stories about us and our goals. Mark took it all in as the truth, without so much as talking to me or calling a brothers meeting or even letting me face my accusers. He wrote an email that was vicious and attacking claiming that "now I know the true you" and then proceeded to attack my character. (a tactic he often accuses others of doing to him) and in the same sentence "officially excommunicated" me and my family. Shortly after this he found out that the information he had gotten was not the truth but he held to his choice to excommunicate saying that I was leaving a biblical church to go somewhere where there was not one established. I still never got the privilege of a brothers meeting or talk to those who accused us. I honestly thought that just maybe I could get the support of the church or at least they would help to keep me accountable and encourage me in my search for fellowship in our new location but NO. Kicked out, shunned. We had an auction to sell our house and belongings and some of the church members came to try to get deals on my stuff but were so rude they wouldn’t even speak to us. If they read this you know who you are. What a pathetic testimony that was to the community. "hey, aren’t these your church members? Why aren’t they even talking to you?" Oh, they aren’t allowed to, we got kicked out for wanting to go to NC....
    So anyway I wanted to explain a little more than what was written by Jason..."it caught up with them too"
    I must say that this blog, though very inactive now, is still preached about in Marks sermons. You can hear it in the sermon from 1/18/2015
    I also know that many of the people who have written on this blog over the years, especially former church members, are living lives that fall way short of glorifying God. Many of the husbands and wives are not even together. So my point is this..maybe LFCF is not for you or not for me anymore but be careful how far the other direction you go. Almost every road has 2 ditches.
    May God lead us and guide us as we seek Him.

  15. I am sad to say that Mark almost seems to glorify in the fact that some former members completely fall away from the faith. It should lead a person who is in Christ to weep over them. It is very sad to see people abandon their faith. We need to look to Christ and not Mark Bullen as our example, and to pray for those folks that have left!!!


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