Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finding the New Testament Church

Still looking for that perfect New Testament Church?  I learned the folly of that by joining Living Faith Christian Fellowship.  Not because the Bullens are sooooo much worse than everyone else, but because even the early church had it's share of problems. 

A reader recently posted an article written to reach the Holdeman Mennonites, which had some interesting points in it.  The BEST was a piece written to portray a person in the early church trying to find that elusive, most godly church.  Read it here.  It's very entertaining, yet very true and thought provoking. 

If the church was having so much trouble back then, no wonder it's in the shape it is now!  Is it really any worse than before?  Perhaps it's just more institutionalized.  Only God knows for sure.  Enjoy the article, I did.


  1. Jason and Noelle: I am sorry you both are disappointed in the results of that effort. If you're of a mind, you might want to consider visiting this fellowship below.

    There is another fellowship that accepts the remarried Christian. They are in Alabama and the refreshing part of this Plain family is:
    1. They are gentle and encouraging.
    2. They are the first to admit they are not perfect.
    3. They use the KJV and earnestly search the Scriptures.

    They are the Burrells. Paul posts his sermons on their Facebook page and here is their Bible Study page below. You can hear the sermons and test his teachings on your own before even visiting as well. Keeping you in prayer and Christian love.
    Bible Study

    Facebook page with sermons

  2. Thank you for your information. I did a while back find that website when I was livin' in Florida, and thought, "Wow, they're not too far away." But I thought they were more a family just homesteading, didn't realize they was wanting a church or community. I was already talking to Mark Bullen and wasn't looking to go anywhere other than Mark's church at that time.

    I did go to their website today and I realized I still have them saved in my computer from back then! It looks they have been really working on their website since then and the family does seem like a really godly family. But I think Noelle and I are kind of happy here now with the fellowship we have in the home church we meet with.

    Thank you for the information, we will be sure to include it in the upcoming posts on other communities that would welcome remarried couples.

  3. Looking forward to those posts on other fellowships that welcome remarried couples.


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