Sunday, April 22, 2012

Living Faith Christian Fellowship Brookfield, MO

There are many, many Living Faith Christian Fellowships.  The purpose of this post is to make clear which Living Faith Christian Fellowship we are discussing.  The bishop, Mark Bullen, lives in the county outside of Brookfield, MO and the church meets in his home.

The side of Mark Bullen's van reads "Living Faith Christian Fellowship."  The rear doors display "Living Faith = Repentance and Obedience."  You will see the large passenger van in and about Brookfield.  Most people probably assume it is for the church youth group, but it's really his family's van.

A good number of the townspeople in Brookfield actually refer to the members of Living Faith Christian Fellowship as "Bullenites", since they follow Mark Bullen and are considered wannabe Mennonites.  They are known for sending letters to townspeople that have pools in their yard where people can be seen swimming and accusing local employees of attempting to lure men by their clothing.  They may or may not be trying to "lure" men, but Mark Bullen and his followers have made a name for themselves by making such accusations when most people avert their eyes to avoid being lured.

Sorry if your Living Faith Christian Fellowship has been confused with this one.  The details listed above should make it clear that not all Living Faith Christian Fellowships are lead by a man named Mark Bullen in Brookfield, Missouri.  Living Faith Christian Fellowship in Brookfield, Missouri has no ties whatsoever to any other church bearing the same name, or any other name for that matter.


  1. Very interesting! I was told they were from Bucklin but am now thinking that I've seen their van in Brookfield. How scary in a way. People who are gullible to cults could fall prey very easy, just simply looking for answers.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      I can understand why you think they're from Bucklin. There were 2 families in Bucklin that dressed plain, 1 that had "repent" writing all over their van. They have since moved away after their house burned down.

      The other family still lives in Bucklin, but they are in no way associated with Mark Bullen. They are actually pretty down to earth people that seem to just be wanting to have a simple life with their family.

      However, they are the ones you'll see with the abortion signs. I do not care for their signs since they are so graphic, and we've let them know. They said they had never thought of the fact that people's children would be disturbed by them and I haven't seen them with the signs since.

      We definitely were a case of just wanting answers. We were very vulnerable after our son's death and it left us wide open. Thankfully we came to our senses quickly!

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Interesting...... I did attend that (cult) church my self for about three years. i have so much to say about it...... ill never get back those three years.... and i had to study the bible harder than anyone else to prove my way out. Did you know acording to Mark his church is "the only church going to heaven". Grace is the missing thing in that church.


    1. Thank you for your comment WML. That his church is the only church going to heaven is something we experienced as well. Though I appreciate a person's desire to follow God and the Bible completely, we also saw that grace was sorely missing.

      Thank you for sharing,


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